About Power Properties
Power Properties is both owner and operator of 32 distinct multi-family properties with over 673 residences located within the Lakewood District of Dallas. The Management office is centrally located in the Gaston Avenue Historic District.
Power Properties is positioned differently from its competitors through its stunning courtyard residences, unique boutique aesthetic and philosophy. Because of this, Power Properties developed a niche market which helped separate the company from the ebbs and flows of the market over the last 30 years.

About Braden Power
For 30 years, Braden Power has redesigned and developed over 1000 residences and numerous projects.
Braden was the original pioneer in transforming Old East Dallas, and later joined by his brother Craig, became one of the largest players with condo conversions during the robust housing market of the early 2000's with over 314 condos renovated and sold.  He has worked on everything from dilapidated, multi-family structures to new construction of a multi million dollar home. Braden, founder and owner of Power Properties, oversees the management of Power Properties.  His vast experience as developer, owner and manager together with his vision and creative abilities make Braden uniquely qualified to achieve the best return on investment with any project.